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How did I become a Chinese teacher?

Hi! My name is Helen Tian and I'm an online Chinese teacher who gives one-on-one lessons to students living all over the world.

I'm currently living in Tianjin, a city nearby Beijing. My hometown is a small city in the center part of China, and I left it when I entered my college in Xi'an. After graduation, I moved to Beijing to get my master degree . 


My relation with teaching Chinese started from my college time, when my major was actually Medical English at that time. One day our oral English teacher who came from Philippine told me about her willing to learn Chinese, and I volunteered to help her. After one semester, I found that this was quite a pleasant thing to do but I really did a bad job, since I had no professional knowledge about our language as well as teaching techniques at all. Later on, I decided to switch my major in graduate school and was luckily accepted by Beijing Language and Culture University. This made me a real Chinese teacher even till now. 

After several years, I still enjoy doing this job. Thanks to all my distinctive students, my life and my perspective towards the world has been changed greatly. 

Now I'm trying to find a better way to help more learners. This personal website has been built since Nov. 2016, and it is for any people who is learning Chinese.

Anything you want to leave here?

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