Games for HSK Standard Course 2

Lesson 1

1. Dialogue Dictation

Instructions: Let's do the dictation of our dialouges from the textbook. Just click the audio button and type out each sentence you hear at the bottom of the page.

2. Sound Matching

Instructions: Let's review the new words in this lesson. Listen to each sound and click the corresponding ballon. Please finish it before time runs out.

3. Listen & Choose

Instructions: Click the yellow button to listen to the question or sentence, then find the appropriate response from the 3 options. Click the box below and you will know if you are right or not.

4. Match & Type

Instructions: Let's practice recognize the new words of this lesson with a memory game. Click the box and you will see a word, but only for 1 second. Try to make the same words open at the same time,  and then you can type out the word to clear the boxes.

5. Raindrop Typing

Instructions: Are you able to recognize the single character the new words? Type the Chinese character in each waterdrop before it fall into the pool.

6. Sentece Forming

Instructions: Let's do some practice with the meaning! Put all the given characters into a sentence.

7. Noughts&Crosses

Instructions: Match the words to play this Noughts&Crosses games. You can choose 'Play with the computer'.

8. Add Missing Strokes 

Instructions: Can you find the missing strokes in the characters? Click your mouse and hold it slowly, you will draw on it.

9. Task Game

Instructions: Click a card and then you will see your task. It's either a question in Chinese or an instruction of what you're supposed to do in English.