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On the playlist page, you can listen to all the audios or download anyone you like.

The Winter in Beijing 北京的冬天 Běijīng de Dōngtiān

Students and a teacher talk about weather and seasons in Beijing.

I Met a Girl 我认识了一个姑娘 Wǒ Rènshi Le Yíge Gūniang ​

A boy is telling how he met his new girl-friend.

The Exams Are Coming 快考试了Kuài Kǎoshì Le

Two students are talking about the coming exams and holiday.

Visiting 做客 Zuòkè

A conversation when two students are visiting their teacher at home.

HSK Level 1 Listening

The listening part of HSK 1 real test from the HSK official website.

Daily Dialogues

Six dialogues about greeting from New Practical Chinese Reader 1.

Birthday Party 生日聚会 shēngrì jùhuì

A narration about how a Chinese celebrate her birthday with friends.

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