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命都不要了 Mìng Dōu Búyào Le

A story about a mean person who always take advantages from others. 

大黑熊跟你说什么了?Dà Hēixióng Gēn Nǐ Shuō Shénme Le?

A story about two person came across a big black bear on the hill.

聪明的爸爸和儿子 Cōngming de Bàba Hé Érzi

Three funny stories about a 'smart' father and his son.

HSK3 听力 Tīnglì

The listening part of HSK 3 real test from the HSK official website.


Expressing possibilities, concern and starting a new topic.

走路与长寿 Zǒulù Yǔ Chángshòu

A passage about why walking is good for our longevity.

左邻右舍 Zuǒlínyòushè

A conversation between a couple talking about their new neighbors.

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